Our Fees

Wiggle Paws Shipper only accepts credit cards, for monthly recurring fee of 19.99 to use our services.

We unlike our competitors only charge a monthly fee WE DO NOT CHARGE A SERVICE FEE TO THE DRIVER YOUR MONTHLY FEE IS ALL YOU PAY. The requesting shipper once they accept a bid, they will need to be prompted to check out with a flat fee of 15% the system will need to automatically calculate this with what ever the dollar amount is that they accepted the bid for. Our guarantee if the accept a bid and the shipping was not provided, we will refund them their shipping fee. Once they pay the shipping fee the system needs to provide the with the transporters contact information

Once you win a shipment, we send you a notification by email and/or text containing the shipper’s contact information. At that point, it's up to you to contact the shipper directly, through the Wiggle Paws platform or via telephone to work out pick-up and delivery details