Contact exchange policy

Operating as a secure marketplace, Wiggle Paws Shipper exercises the right to monitor and record all exchanges made between drivers and shippers using the site’s messaging platform. This allows us to mediate any disputes that may arise between the two parties regarding the shipment. We require all exchanges to be restricted to our messaging platform until a driver is booked and the requisite service fee is paid. Once the fee is paid, we will than release the transporters information to the shipper.

A driver will not disclose personal or identifying information or contact other persons outside of unless allowed by or after being accepted/hired by said person through

When our filters detect an attempted exchange of contact info via the messaging platform -- including but not limited to phone numbers, email addresses, and social media identifiers -- the following steps are taken our policy is strictly enforced.

  1. Your message will be blocked.
  2. A pop-up message reminds you that contact exchange is disallowed.
  3. You are provided with links to the Drivers Agreement

If it is later established a driver has circumvented our filters also successfully exchanged contact info with a shipper, the following measures will apply

  1. Your account will be locked.
  2. You receive an email from our support team explaining the issue and asking you to verify that you understand the policy.
  3. You will need to pay a fee to unlock your account of 30.00 for your offence, if you continue to have recurrence you will be disqualified to use our platform.

While there is no probationary period, retains the right to monitor the driver’s messages more closely in order to ensure subsequent compliance with the Terms of Service.